Frequently asked questions

What do I need to take part in an open water course?

All you need is a towel and bathing suit for the pool sessions. Everything for the open water sessions is supplied.

Is diving claustrophobic?

Most people find diving to be not claustrophobic at all and quite a free exhilarating experience.

What medical conditions may stop me diving?

Some conditions may stop you diving. If you meet any of the conditions in the following link you may need to consult a GP to dive:

What days do the diving sessions occur on?

Pool sessions occur on most Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons, open water sessions take place most Saturdays.

Can I dive with Liverpool City Divers recreationally if I am already a qualified diver?

Yes we often dive recreationally together and are always happy to dive with new people, please contact us if you would like to dive with us.

Do you organise trips abroad?

Yes, we often do its best to get into contact or look on our Facebook page to find our about up comming trips.

Where is the swimming pool you use to train?

We use Everton Sports Centre to do our pool sessions.

What is the difference between Open Water and Open Water Referral?

The Open Water course is when you do all your pool sessions and open water sessions with us. The Open Water referral is designed so that you do your pool sessions with Liverpool City Divers and then do your Open Water dives with another dive school abroad.

What is the first scuba diving equipment would you recommend to purchase?

We would recommend before anything you purchase a mask and snorkel and then depending if you are diving in a dry suit or not purchase fins.

What is a dry suit?

If you are diving in the UK and doing your open water sessions here you will need to know how to use a dry suit. As part of your Open Water course you will get a dry suit orientation so you can learn how to dive in a dry suit.

Can I do my Advanced Open Water straight after my Open Water?

You can but we do not recommend this, it is best to get more experience diving (typically 20-30) dives before you should consider an Advanced course.

How much does it typically cost to start diving?

Your open water course costs £380 with ourselves but the initial equipment cost starts from around £1200 upwards, however, this equipment does not all have to be purchased at once and can be rented till you know you want to participate in the sport more.

Why should I choose Liverpool City Divers?

We offer a great friendly service with a high instructor to student ratio to offer you the best service. Our instructors have collectively decades of experience.

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